About MyNaturalHairStyle

Dezmond Abrams - MyNaturalHairStyleIn the world of natural hair, we have seen so many women of races and colors that have dominated this industry with their expert techniques. However, what we didn’t know is that there are men who are just as excited and interested in this culture as women. If you haven’t guessed it, then you have just been informed that the owner of the MyNaturalHairstyle.com is Dezmond Abrams. Yes, he is a man!

Dezmond Abrams, he is ATLien transplant from Sandusky, Ohio. Mr. Abrams has owned his own digital marketing agency for over 15 years. The real question is, how did he get started with MyNaturalHairStyle.com.

First, let’s give you a little information about MyNaturalHairStyle.com. The brand was started in 2013 when natural hair was not such a mainstream industry as it is today. Dezmond noticed that there were some personal blog sites but not an open social platform to allow his natural hair sisters to come together and share their life, goals, and experiences on this new culture trend. So, he decided to build MyNaturalHairStyle.com as a social platform similar to Facebook that was specifically for the natural hair community.

As the industry started flourishing in full bloom in the past several years, so did the site. Dezmond's main desire for MyNaturalHairStyle.com is to be one of the go-to brands when it comes to natural hair and entertainment. Therefore, it has gone from being just a social platform for natural hair to a full blog site, t-shirt company and promoting company that encourages the love of natural hair.

When asking Dezmond about his thoughts on a natural hair woman, he states “It does something to my spirit whenever I see a natural hair woman. It just says to me that they are free and don’t care what society thinks about their culture and lifestyle and at the end of the day that is all Iam wanting to push and celebrate daily.  Natural hair styles are beautiful”. Don’t know about you but that says it all!

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