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Tips For Finding A Natural Hair Stylist How to Find the Best Stylist for Your Natural Hair

Tips On Finding A Natural Hair Stylist

Getting a new stylist could feel like leaving your life in the hands of a stranger. You’ve probably labored over every last inch of hair on your head, and now you have to get into this person’s chair knowing that they could do magic and boost your hair goals, or they could burn you to the ground and have you laboring to start afresh.

You might be in need of a new stylist if you’ve recently moved to a new area, if your last stylist had done a number on your hair and heart and had you scrambling for a rebound, or if you are finally willing to surrender your DIY approach to haircare and finally get a pro to help you out.

Here are a few tips to help you along in your search for “The One”.

Let Your Friends Point the Way

We all have that one friend (or two!) who never gets it wrong in the hair department. They are hair goals and they know it. Since these people with perfect hair and lives have it all figured out, you should totally ask them for help. This means that their stylist has provable success and can help turn the fortune of your curls.

Social Media Was Created Just for Your Hair

Instagram exists to give you hair envy and also make you question the expertise of your current stylist. You can actually go to the stylist’s page and get a feel for their work before you book an appointment. If you’re in the mood for some stalking, you could track down their customers on social media and read the reviews just to be extra sure. Yes, your hair is that important.

Don’t Go All in At First Try

So, friends of friends finally hooked you up with a stylist with a magic comb? Good for you! But you still need to exercise some caution. Schedule something ‘small’ for your first date appointment. Start with a simple wash or some easy styles and pay attention to how they handle your hair. The decision to use them for a repeat service should be based on this first encounter.

Know Your Hair and Products

You really shouldn’t entrust the future of your hair to a stylist if you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of your hair and what products work best. Research and research some more. Make sure you know about every single product the stylist uses on your hair. Your relationship with your stylist should be a partnership.

Try to Be a Nice Person

Imagine that your life is in your stylist’s hands and act as such. Things will be easier if both of you make an effort to be nice to each other. The first few appointments may not go as smoothly as anticipated, but if you feel this person could do wonders when they get used to your hair, then caution them with love and give them time to grow used to your texture.

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