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Why You Should Keep Natural Hair Reasons To Keep Natural Hair

Why You Should Keep Natural Hair

Have you ever felt like you see women with natural hair wherever you turn? This is very conspicuous because a well-styled natural hair has a voice of its own and can attract attention all by itself. Is natural hair a trend? Will it fizzle out like most hot trends?

You should deeply consider what it means to go natural before you take the scissors to your hair. While people will see you as being woke and in touch with your roots when you ditch the relaxer AKA the creamy crack, there are other strong reasons why you should let your hair grow in its natural state.

Reasons Why You Should Go Natural

Your Hair is Beautiful

It wasn’t long ago when black women had to hide under straight weaves and wigs that shielded their natural hair from view. And when they took down these wigs and weaves, they straightened their hair with relaxers. Of course, what a woman does with her hair should be her choice, but you should never feel like your natural texture is less beautiful than any other one.

Your natural hair is gloriously beautiful. It is also versatile and easy to style, so don’t believe any different. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your natural beauty!

Your Hair Speaks

You will not believe how loud your hair can be! This is an important characteristic of hair like yours, you know, hair that can defy gravity. So, what exactly does your hair say about you?

It says that you are in touch with your natural side. It says that you are proud of your roots. It says that you don’t care about anyone’s skewed standard of beauty.

If you are all about making a statement, you can join millions of women who have decided to dictate what beauty really means.

You Should Live as Naturally as Possible

You will be scared if you take out the time to research the long-term effects of exposure to chemicals. There are scary diseases out there affecting black women, and most of them can be linked to relaxer use. When you go natural, not only do you get to cut out relaxer, you get to curate other products that you use in your hair care routine. Going natural means that you get to take your health seriously and be more deliberate in your choices.

Your Hair is Political

In the famous words of author Chimamanda Adichie, your hair is political. Women with natural hair or dreadlocks will tell you how hard it is both in school and in the workplace. There are accounts of women being told that they look unkempt or that their hair wasn’t a great fit for the corporate environment. Imagine what it would be like if everyone had natural hair. The instances of being singled out would be curtailed, of course!

In a nutshell, it is never a bad idea to go natural. This would mean that you have accepted your gorgeous self and that you are proud of who you are and where you come from.

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