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Hair Esteem
Hair esteem: How important is hair to self-image
Hair esteem: How important is hair to self-image, attractiveness, and overall appearance Hair, if not the first, is one of the things people notice first about you. It gives a quick peep into your personality, identity, and interests. It has a way of informing people of your age, gender, social class, and even more. Hair, as one of your salient features, frame your face and configure your facial appearance. And as such, affects your self-image. A good and well thought hairdo would compliment your facial features, and inflate your self-image. Self-image on the other hand, has been proven scientifically, and even maybe by common sense, to be directly connected to self-esteem.
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5 Tips For Summertime Fine
Summertime Fine - 5 Steps For The Summer
Summertime fine - Five steps to take care of your body, soul, and mind this summer. Yea! It's summer time, known for its warm weather, camping activities and endless fun. The summer time weather is always cool and outdoor activities atmosphere is a spark. A lot of questions will flow through your mind - that why do people enjoy summer the most? And how do you maximize your mind, body and soul productivity during summer periods? Firstly, summer is one of the best seasons if not the best. It gives a relishing sense of coolness and vibes to the body and your mind tends to relax. When summertime starts, you can wear lighter clothes, which are much more comfortable, you're free to do whatever you want, not worrying about curfew or waking up early for school. Summer time is a great time to relax with friends and family by soaking up the sun at a beach or simply having dinner together. Summer ensures you enjoy life after everyday school. This article will explain in depth tips and steps you need to take or exercise to enjoy an unforgettable summer experience.
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10 natural hair growth tips will help your hair grow longer
Natural Hair Growth: 10 Tips For Natural Hair Growth, hair growing tips
Natural Hair Growth: 10 Tips For Natural Hair Growth, hair growing tips When your natural hair growth goals don’t pan out the way you anticipated, it is normal to feel frustrated. Growing natural hair is a process and takes some work. It is possible that you may hit that natural hair growth plateau because you are doing some things wrong. Your natural hair will grow realistically if you know some tips and tricks needed to keep it healthy. You have to nurture anything growing, right? Well, you should apply this same TLC to your hair and watch it bloom! These 10 natural hair growth tips will help your hair grow longer, and stay healthy.
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Washing Your Natural Hair
How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair
How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair Naturally, all hair textures get dirty over time and you may wonder how often should you wash natural hair. You’d be surprised to know just how much your hair accumulates debris, hair products, natural oils from the scalp, and many other impurities. Dirty hair looks dull and lifeless no matter the effort you put into styling it. To regain the luster and bounce that makes natural hair so beautiful, you need to wash it periodically. To get rid of all the grime and restore the shine to your hair, a good wash routine is you need to establish a great, healthy wash routine. The fact is, some hair textures shouldn’t be washed as frequently as the others, and when it comes to kinky hair, washing too much can strip the hair of moisture and leave it prone to serious damage. This is not a well-known fact, so naturalistas all over can use a few pointers on how often they should wash natural hair.
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Things To Know Before Transitioning To Natural Hair
Things You Need to Know Before You Transition To Natural Hair
Things You Need to Know Before You Transition To Natural Hair Are you thinking about transitioning to natural hair soon? You most likely ended up here because you are interested in transitioning to natural hair soon. It might seem like there are gorgeous naturalistas wherever you turn, and this could get you thinking about joining the natural hair movement. As much as this is the right decision, and everyone should not be afraid to show off their natural hair, there are certain things to consider before you make the move. Once you know what to expect on your natural hair journey, your transition to natural hair should be smooth and uneventful.
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Reasons To Keep Natural Hair
Why You Should Keep Natural Hair
Why You Should Keep Natural Hair Have you ever felt like you see women with natural hair wherever you turn? This is very conspicuous because a well-styled natural hair has a voice of its own and can attract attention all by itself. Is natural hair a trend? Will it fizzle out like most hot trends? You should deeply consider what it means to go natural before you take the scissors to your hair. While people will see you as being woke and in touch with your roots when you ditch the relaxer AKA the creamy crack, there are other strong reasons why you should let your hair grow in its natural state. Reasons Why You Should Go Natural
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Effective Remedies for Dry and Itchy Scalp
Itchy Scalp Remedies
Itchy Scalp Remedies For Natural Hair A healthy scalp is the foundation for great hair, so is it normal to be worried if you find yourself tearing at your hair one too many times a day? It is sometimes pretty normal to find yourself patting the itch on your scalp away whenever you’re trying out a new product that doesn’t agree with you and your hair or when a sudden change in weather takes you by surprise. On the other hand, there are dry and itchy scalp issues that will have you scratching up a cloud of dandruff at every turn. This can take a toll not only on your hair growth goals but on your comfort as well. Here are some easy remedies to cleanse your scalp and get your fingers out of your hair.
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How to Find the Best Stylist for Your Natural Hair
Finding A Stylist
Finding A Stylist For Your Natural Hair Getting a new stylist could feel like leaving your life in the hands of a stranger. You’ve probably labored over every last inch of hair on your head, and now you have to get into this person’s chair knowing that they could do magic and boost your hair goals, or they could burn you to the ground and have you laboring to start afresh. You might be in need of a new stylist if you’ve recently moved to a new area, if your last stylist had done a number on your hair and heart and had you scrambling for a rebound, or if you are finally willing to surrender your DIY approach to haircare and finally get a pro to help you out. Here are a few tips to help you along in your search of “The One”.
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Here’s Why Some People Prefer Transitioning to Doing the Big Chop
Why Transition To Natural Hair
Why Transition To Natural Hair Here’s Why Some People Prefer Transitioning to Doing the Big Chop Transitioning is simply growing out your natural text
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