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What to look for in a Salon?
What to look for in a Salon? 1. Does the salon specialize in natural hair? You may not want to go to a salon where the stylists may be great at relaxers and other chemical processes but aren’t very good at taking care of hair in its natural state. This could potential end in disaster if the stylist decides to do your hair at all. 2. Is the hair stylist natural? This may not be a concern of yours. But you may want to think about this point. It may help with your choice in stylist because you can clearly see results on their own hair.
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How often should you trim your hair
How often should you trim your natural hair Well, it all depends on your hair and how healthy it really is. Some will say that they trim their hair according to the old schedule that they had when they had relaxed hair which was probably every 6-8 weeks on average. Some would say every few months to even just twice a year! So what is the right answer?
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Natural Hair Supplies
Natural Hair Supplies Our goal is to help keep you motivated, educated, and excited about your natural hair journey. We don't want you to feel like you have to go out and buy every tool on the shelves in the beauty supply store. The most essential natural hair care supplies and hair products that you will need when starting out on your natural hair journey are:
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Natural Hair Suggestions
Natural Hair Suggestions There have been many requests for help on developing a good, healthy hair regimen. A lot of people want to go natural but just don't know the exact things that they need to do because they may not have been natural since they were young or just never knew how to maintain it. Here is a list of 10 natural hair suggestions to help with making your customized regimen.... 1.Moisturize your hair. Making sure that it is moisturized daily even if you don't have to put anything on it a particular day is really important especially in dry winter months. Using water is important. Get a spray bottle and before you go to bed or when you're able at home just mist it before you put anything else on it. After that put whatever leave in conditioner you want on it. Just make sure there is little to no alcohol in it (The fatty alcohols don't really count. They can actually be very moisturizing). Remember the ingredients are listed from the most to the least so leave it alone if it's in the first five ingredients.
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Natural Hair Essentials
Natural Hair Essentials What do I need to “Go Natural”? As a newbie to going natural, whether you are just going to jump into it and do your Big Chop (BC) or you’re going to transition you will need to first consider some things. 1.Am I ready? Please consider the implications of going natural so that you aren’t disappointed. Don’t do it for other people and please don't decide against because of other people either. Do it for yourself. If you’re out to please others, then you may not have hair at all because you’ll just be changing it every 5 seconds.
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Natural Hair Frequently Asked Questions
Natural Hair Frequently Asked Questions Whether you’re planning your big chop, transitioning or already natural, there are certain universal questions that will come to mind. Rest assured that naturalistas all over the world are asking the same questions! If you’re merely dipping your toes into the natural pool because you aren’t sure if you should take the plunge, knowing what to expect will make the journey smoother. Basic Things to Know About Natural Hair By now you should have seen pictures of famous naturalistas on Instagram, you know, people with hair laid to the max. After your dose of hair envy, you probably wondered if you could ever grow hair like theirs, or if you could get your hair to become the bouncy gloriousness everyone will fawn over. The following question and answer series should give you the boost you need for your natural hair journey.
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Newness Of Natural Hair Event
Newness Of Natural Hair Event June 21, 2013 marked the 1st Annual Newness of Natural event held by none other than Held at Nice Entertainment, a funky Walker Street space in Castleberry Hills, this event served as the official launch party for our company and website. First and foremost, we would like to thank all of you beautiful naturalistas for your attendance! We hope you enjoyed our open forum on healthy living, healthy alternatives and healthy hair tips. Thanks to our sponsors, listed below, our naturals enjoyed three dynamic speakers, vendors, the soulful sounds of DJ Tay and a live performance by Lil G from Silk. The first of the speakers was Alexyss K. Taylor, TV personality and host of “V-Power.” Following Ms. Taylor, Dr. Nancy Williams of First Fruit Natural Healing spoke about the benefits of living a holistic, healthy lifestyle. Finally, Terence Caston, sales engineer and wireless expert, shared his take on mobile technology and its influence in the natural hair community.
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