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hair growth tips for natural hair 10 natural hair growth tips will help your hair grow longer

Natural Hair Growth: 10 Tips For Natural Hair Growth, hair growing tips

When your natural hair growth goals don’t pan out the way you anticipated, it is normal to feel frustrated. Growing natural hair is a process and takes some work. You may hit that natural hair growth plateau because you are doing some things wrong. Your natural hair will grow realistically if you know some tips and tricks needed to keep it healthy. You have to nurture anything growing, right? Well, you should apply this same TLC to your hair and watch it bloom!

These 10 natural hair growth tips will help your hair grow longer, and stay healthy.


1. Moisturize, Moisturize

Kinky curly hair is so tightly coiled that it’s hard for moisture and nutrients to travel from the scalp to the strands, and that’s why you need to moisturize. Water is, of course, the best moisturizer, and a few spritzes of H20 can help speed up the growth of your natural hair. You also need conditioners and leave-ins that work for your hair growth.

2. Seal

Once you get your hair’s moisture under control, it is important to seal in the moisture with natural oils. The oils lock in the moisture to keep your hair moisturized for a long time.

3. Protective Styles

There’s an awesome feeling that comes from walking around with your natural hair out and getting compliments wherever you go. The sad news is that you’ll have to embrace protective styles if you want to retain length, especially in the harsh seasons like winter. Braids, weaves, and wigs are beautiful, so go for them.

4. Nighttime Care

Some nights you just want to crash and snooze. It’s okay to skip braiding your hair once in a while, but continuously leaving it unbraided before bedtime will lead to tangles and knots, and, of course, breakage.

5. Get a Great Satin Bonnet

Once you braid or twist your hair for the night, tuck your precious hair into a comfy satin bonnet and call it a night.

6. Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning should be included in your arsenal of natural hair care routines. Do your research to know the list of deep conditioning ingredients you prefer.

7. Wash You Hair Periodically

The hair products you use will weigh down your hair and clog your pore over time, so it is important to wash your hair every 2 – 3 weeks to get rid of the grime. Set your pores free to record new growth.

8. Dry Your Hair with a T-Shirt Instead of a Towel

At the end of the wash day, you want to ensure that your hair growth goals are on course, so drying with an old T-shirt is the way to go! Why? Well, regular towels are abrasive and coarse, meaning that they can damage your hair irreversibly in a way a soft T-shirt won’t.

9. Trim

When most naturalistas hear the word trim, they get squeamish and scared. Not to worry, scheduling periodic trims with your hairstylist is actually in your best interest. This will nip damages in the bud and prevent split ends from traveling up the shaft of your hair strands and wreaking untold damage.

10. Be Realistic

The hair grows about 1-2 inches every month. You can’t beat this growth rate unless you’re Rapunzel. So, be realistic in your goals. Space out your length checks for your own peace of mind.

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