Natural Hair & Body Challenges

Natural Hair & Body Challenges

Looks like spring is here and leaving fast. Summer is coming through! How will you style your do?

Is the season of protective styling over? What do you think? We'll probably see more twist outs, braid outs and wash-n-go's this season. Just remember that we still want to protect our ends especially from the rough sun and wind. Be sure to keep up with your conditioning regimen because like it or not, hair can get very dry while baking in the sun. So while you think about your skin care, please be sure to remember your hair care.


So the wild winter is here with all of it's cold, harsh temperatures. Are you prepared?

I have decided to try my best to do protective styling. It is hard because it takes dicipline to go without seeing your hair out all the time. It's not the fact that I want my hair out all the time either. I think it's just that throughout the hustle and bustle, I get lazy with the daily and weekly routines with my hair care. I have set specific goals, which I will share in my blog/vlog so I'm pressing towards those goals this winter. I am starting before the New Year sets in.

Have you set any goals for this winter? If so, please feel free to share them below. You never know who you may motivate and/or encourage! 

As the fall season sets in, what goals will you set for yourself?

Some of us have either started a new semester at school, a new job, had a new edition to the family, or some change. Of course, then there are some of us who really don't have too much going on. But, fall is coming where everything in our lives starts to get settled in with the calming rustling of the leaves, cooling down of the weather, and other transitions.
What goals, whether it be healthier diet, longer hair, better workout regimen (if any at all) are you willing to focus on?

Please comment on the plans that you have for this fall season? I will be introducing a new challenge starting September 22nd (the first day of fall) that may help if you really don't have a plan in mind and want to work on your bad habits you may have.

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is more commonly known as high blood pressure. Many people, especially minorities, either suffer from this condition or have a family history. Prevention is key for our community. Hypertension could lead to all kinds of other conditions including heart disease, kidney failure, Lung problems, etc. This is one of the most dangerous conditions that can lead to death.

If you take a quick look at the human body, our cells need oxygen and nutrients to live. If you throw in high blood pressure which actually constricts the vessels that bring all of those good nutritious elements to our cells, we are headed for big trouble. Over time those cells will start to break down and die. The last thing we need is for cells to die in our kidneys, heart,  or brain. We could also start to get fluid backing up in the lungs, which is very deadly.

The members of our community need to know about this very deadly condition. People can sometimes shrug this condition off as just "something that runs in the family" but that is just irresponsible. Let's educate ourselves. Let's not just find out how to treat it but how to prevent it. Changes in diet, and exercise regimens are simple ways that we can start to determine where our health will go. Let me know what you think.

Benefits of Exercise

Vigorous exercise helps circulate blood through the body. Nutrients and  oxygen are carried throughout the body via blood. Our brain, and other organs benefit from this circulation. Our bodies are awakened and feel alive after even a couple of exercise sessions.
The cells in our bodies receive more oxygen and nutrients when we’re more active. That just makes sense. This, of course, includes stretching which helps to promote relaxation and circulation of muscles.
I would suggest that you start slow with a simple exercise regimen and stick to it. Joining a group that does the same type of exercising regimen you have, may help to increase motivation and help you to further achieve your goals. Oh! and make sure that you have a goal or goals in mind. Try to make short term and long term goals that are realistic so you don’t get discouraged.
Remember, a little can go a long way especially on those days when you don’t feel like doing anything. Thirty minutes a day is a great short term goal that you can work towards and actually achieve. This will help to keep your motivation going as well. If you really haven’t exercised before, ten minutes a day might be a shorter term goal and work your way up.
It’s always good to list the reasons that you want to do things in your life. A lot of our why’s may be for health, and prevention of things like high blood pressure and diabetes.
Consider public workout spots or specialty classes that will help make it fun. Working out with a partner can also keep you motivated. Never give up and always think about those who you may be influencing by your actions!

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