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How often should natural hair be trimmed How Often Should You Trim Natural Hair

How often should you trim your natural hair?

Well, it all depends on your hair and how healthy it really is. Some will say that they trim their hair according to the old schedule that they had when they had relaxed hair which was probably every 6-8 weeks on average. Some would say every few months to even just twice a year! So what is the right answer?


First, I would say that you need to be in tune with where your hair’s health is. Do your ends split easily? Do they look dry and unhealthy?

Next, I would say that you may try to examine if your ends are being moisturized and sealed effectively. Remember that water is our friend! A good sealant should be used, whether it is an oil or some type of cream so that the moisture can remain in your hair concentrating on your ends.

Then you must make sure that you’re only trimming your hair when it needs it. If you are trimming your hair too frequently and as result not seeing any growth, you may want to consult with a professional to help you to design a regimen for your hair.

Trimming hair ends is very important. Split ends can potentially lead to breakage and may in time split all the way up through the whole hair shaft. This is very bad! We want healthy hair and trimming is going to be a part of the maintenance of that health.

Stay on top of keeping those ends healthy but don’t overdo it and please don’t underdo it or else that may mean no hair for you!

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