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How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair Washing Your Natural Hair

How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair

Naturally, all hair textures get dirty over time and you may wonder how often should you wash natural hair. You’d be surprised to know just how much your hair accumulates debris, hair products, natural oils from the scalp, and many other impurities. Dirty hair looks dull and lifeless no matter the effort you put into styling it. To regain the luster and bounce that makes natural hair so beautiful, you need to wash it periodically. To get rid of all the grime and restore the shine to your hair, a good wash routine is you need to establish a great, healthy wash routine.

The fact is, some hair textures shouldn’t be washed as frequently as the others, and when it comes to kinky hair, washing too much can strip the hair of moisture and leave it prone to serious damage. This is not a well-known fact, so naturalistas all over can use a few pointers on how often they should wash natural hair.

Washing Natural Hair

Kinky curly hair, as you already know, is naturally dry. The reason is simply that sebum, which is natural oil produced by the scalp, finds it hard to travel up the tightly coiled strands of kinky curly hair. Straight hair types usually don’t face this kind of problem. To combat this dryness, washing is one of the areas you’ll need to take into consideration. Frequent washing, even though it sounds good on paper, can actually damage your hair.

That being said, dirty hair is inevitable. To get rid of product build-up and grime, it is best to wash your natural hair once every two weeks. This two-week rule can only be discarded if you encounter something that makes your hair so dirty you need to grab your shampoo and head to your bathroom right away. Apart from that, your hair will be much healthier if you reduce your number of wash days and concentrate on moisturizing.

Cleaning Your Hair In-Between Wash Days

If you’re grossed out by the thought of moving around with all that grime on your scalp, don’t despair. You can still clean your hair while waiting for the next wash day to roll around. Dry shampoo is the best way to clean your hair without washing.

Dry shampoo is fantastic for hairstyles that need lots of product, as it stops the hair from getting weighed down by styling products. When the hair gets weighed down, it can look drab and lifeless, and dry shampoo is a great way to fix this problem until the next wash.

Keeping Your Hair Clean Until the Next Wash Day

It all starts on wash day. Make sure you scrub your scalp to remove all dirt and rinse thoroughly. This way, you’re sure that your scalp is as clean as it can be and that you’re not heading towards the next wash day with the last wash’s dirt. This will make the not-too-clean phase between washes a bit bearable.

It might sound counter-productive that washing your hair less often would lead to healthier hair, but kinky curly hair is unique and very different.

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