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What do I need to “Go Natural”?

As a newbie to going natural, whether you are just going to jump into it and do your Big Chop (BC) or you’re going to transition you will need to first consider some things.

1.Am I ready?

Please consider the implications of going natural so that you aren’t disappointed. Don’t do it for other people and please don't decide against because of other people either. Do it for yourself. If you’re out to please others, then you may not have hair at all because you’ll just be changing it every 5 seconds.

2. Will I have to change my products?

It is so easy to become a product junkie but please know that you don’t have to be rich to go natural. This should actually be more simple once you find the right products. Besides the chemicals, the categories of products should not necessarily have to change. You may want to use shampoo still, maybe (it’s up to you). You will definitely need a good conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner,(It would be great if you could find a product that can be used for all three purposes or at least two of those) and any oil or cream that you want to use to seal in your moisture and in styling.

3. Please consider making a spray bottle with water a staple.

It makes water easy to be distributed through your hair. You can determine whether you want to just mist it or drench it. Options are key. You can make your own moisturizing concoction or oil spray yourself. You don’t need a whole lot of oil or product if you can add some water!! Make it last Naturalista!! You can take it traveling with you easily. Don’t go on a trip for days without moisturizing!

4. Last but not least, you will need to build confidence.

Accept your hair for what it is and  always think of ways to improve its health, to include your whole body of course. The reason for the journey is to love being yourself without the masks that we have been trained to see as beautiful. I’m not saying that those other things shouldn’t be a choice but who’s to say that being natural can’t be one either?

Work it Family!!

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