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Transitioning to natural hair Things To Know Before Transitioning To Natural Hair

Things You Need to Know Before Transitioning To Natural Hair

Are you thinking about transitioning to natural hair soon? You most likely ended up here because you are interested in transitioning to natural hair soon. It might seem like there are gorgeous naturalistas wherever you turn, and this could get you thinking about joining the natural hair movement. As much as this is the right decision, and everyone should not be afraid to show off their natural hair, there are certain things to consider before you make the move. Once you know what to expect on your natural hair journey, your transition to natural hair should be smooth and uneventful.

It Will Be Different

Your natural texture may take getting used to. Processed hair is usually bone-straight and vastly different from natural curls. If you love wearing your hair out, you will find that carrying your natural hair gives you a whole new look. Everyone looking at you and your full head of hair will see someone in touch with their roots. Your confidence and natural grace will increase once you’ve made the transition to natural hair! However, it may not be love at first sight for you and your natural hair, especially as you will see the marked difference between your relaxed ends and your new natural growth. You should definitely keep going!

No, Natural Hair is Not Difficult to Maintain

As mentioned earlier, you should expect a few changes both in the look and texture of your hair. This doesn’t mean that transitioning to natural hair is a difficult change. Learning to wash and detangle your natural hair might leave you with some pretty defined biceps because of the work involved especially in the early stages, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it to be a breeze. What many people call difficult is the way you’ll have to discard what you thought you knew about natural hair. You’ll have to erase the memory of all the unhealthy things you did to your processed hair. Your transition is not just for natural hair, you are also transitioning to better ways to care for your hair and yourself.

You May or May Not Spend Lots of Money

In your excitement, you could go on a hair product shopping spree after watching all the YouTube gurus. Transitioning is a learning period, and hopefully, after sampling all the products stacked from the floor to the ceiling of your bathroom, you will learn what works for you. On the other hand, if your approach to hair is a little DIY here and a little popular hair product here, you are still on course to have gorgeous hair.

Your Relaxed Ends Will Have to Come Off Eventually

Most people prefer to transition to natural hair rather than do the big chop because their relaxed hair gives them a safety net. What’s to stop you from applying the creamy crack to your new growth when you can no longer deal with the changes? When you transition, give yourself a deadline and commit to it. And when that day comes, smile, take up your scissors, and hack away!

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