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What to look for in a natural hair salon What To Look For When Choosing Natural Hair Salon

What to look for in a Natural Hair Salon?

1. Does the salon specialize in natural hair?

You may not want to go to a salon where the stylists may be great at relaxers and other chemical processes but aren’t very good at taking care of hair in its natural state. This could potentially end in disaster if the stylist decides to do your hair at all.

2. Is the hair stylist natural?

This may not be a concern of yours. But you may want to think about this point. It may help with your choice of the stylist because you can clearly see results on their own hair.

3. Do they use natural hair products?

If you are into natural products, you may not want to go to someone that is going to use products containing ingredients that may interfere with your regimen. If you aren’t, then you may or may not want products containing all-natural ingredients used on your hair.

4. Are they willing to use your personal products?

You may want to stick to a specific regimen that you have designed for yourself. You have the right to use your own products and if the stylist is not comfortable with using them then you have some decisions to make.

5. Do they use heat in their styling?

You may be okay with heat. You then have to ask if it’s too much or just right. If you don’t want heat at all then you may want to ask the appropriate questions in that case. 

6. Will they co-wash your hair?

If you don’t want shampoo to touch your hair then you may want to ask if they will wash your hair with conditioner.

7. Does your hair have to be straightened in order for the stylist to trim your hair?

If you are against heat or not comfortable with it, then you may not want someone who can only trim hair when it is straightened.

8. Do they perform hair consultations before taking care of your hair?

If you want to start a healthy relationship between you, your hair, and your stylist then you may want to think about getting a consultation so that you and the stylist can know more about your hair before starting your hair care appointment. You may have to pay extra for this section of the hair appointment and it may be mandatory depending on the salon, but you may find it very helpful.

You also may want to check out reviews on the salon whether they're online or hearsay. Remember that this is your hair and money. Protect it and spend wisely.

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